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Originally posted: July 2017



by Rachel Norris

A complete GEM of a book!

Going back a few years and ever since I first spotted any of Rachel's work, I have admired and loved her individual style and the quality of craftswomanship in all her artistic



Rachel Norris has been a deserved winner of numerous accolades, including 'Best Design' in 2012 and 'Design of the Year' in 2016 on JEWELLERY MAKER TV (on which she has been a guest designer/demonstrator since 2011). She has also been voted 'Best Designer' in Beads and Beyond Magazine in 2015 and (how many people can say this?!!) has had her work exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London!

So, as a fellow maker and author and 'wire missionary', I thought I must review her new book which has hit the limelight and become a best seller!

On first impression, the words that came to me when flicking through Rachel's book were: 'beautiful', 'stunning', 'intricate' and 'inspiring'!! It is completely evident from the layout of the publication, that she has put her heart and soul into every project. The designs are like timeless 'treasures', all themed around nature.

The publication is divided into 3 sections, beginning with an excellent introduction to fundamental techniques, as well as tools and materials, followed by the main content of 15 gorgeous projects and brought to a conclusion with templates, a bibliography and a list of suppliers.

Visually, the photography is wonderfully instructional and beautifully clear and this is what makes this book a 'must have' for any aspiring wireworker, or even someone like me, who has been dabbling and making for many years!

At first glance, you could feel that Rachel's style might be too intricate and meticulous for you, due to her love of weaving and wrapping in all of her projects, however, you can still use it as a brilliant resource for inspiration and techniques! For instance, talking personally, my jewellery style in comparison, is very honed down and extremely simplistic, yet Rachel's clear step by step images, still provide me with little triggers of insight as to how she accomplishes

her beautiful pieces, and give me new challenges to aim for, especially in her approach to setting stones and forming and shaping! I'm not sure if I will ever have the patience that she has, but I can really enjoy seeing the way she builds up her finished pieces and can admire

plenty of elements that will fuel new creativity in me!

Not only are the visual instructions excellent, she's also added little tips and advice along the way ... as you pour over the book you can almost feel you've got Rachel there, helping you along. There is no doubt that you will learn something new if you follow her clear step by step instructions, even if you choose to put your own individual stamp on it!

To conclude, it is a complete 'gem of a book' and the title is spot on! If you're a just starting out with wirework, you will learn and comprehend so many basics in Rachel's excellent 'Mastering' introduction. This should be read and studied in detail before jumping straight into any of the projects. Whilst intermediate wireworkers, will be inspired by the wealth and detail of her stunning projects, ranging from a 'Spring Daisy Necklace', 'Egyptian Cat Brooch', 'Indian Elephant Necklace' to 'Running Horse Brooch', to name but a few ...!

I will definitely treasure this book, just as I admire her as a individual artist and will share it within my workshops, as I think it is a valuable resource when I teach to inspire others on their wirework journeys!


'Mastering Wirework Jewelry' by Rachel Norris is published by:

GMC Publications Ltd

ISBN 978 1 78494 331 8

It is also available through and

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