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Wiggly wire chicks

Originally posted: April 2017

EASTER is celebrated in so many different ways around the

globe! So, however you like to celebrate, it's always nice to

be able to create a decoration, or a gift, to mark the event.

In the past, I have created projects for wire 'egg' baskets,

beaded egg pendants, rabbits, etc, etc... and to add to that repertoire,

here are some little wire CHICKS!

The kids, or grandchildren will love to get involved in this,

especially the pom-pom-making from the wire coils!


Create 2 wire coils out of 0.4mm wire, each about 1"-2.5cm in length. You can use a Coiling Gizmo for this, or a chunky knitting needle.


Stretch the coils out, retaining some curliwurliness!


Create a small circle at the ends of each length and begin forming a small spiral around with the curly wire.


Wrap the rest of the curly wire around itself to form a ball - just like you would bind a ball of string. You have now created the 'head' and 'body' pom-pom for your chick!


To make the EYES and BEAK: choose 2 beads for the eyes, cut about 3"-7.5cm of 0.4mm wire, plus a short length of 0.8mm wire - which can be formed into a 'V' shape. Hammer the very end of the 'V' shape to work harden.


Using the tips of your round nosed pliers, create small links at the very ends of the 'V' shape that sit at right angles to the 'V'.


Take the 0.4mm wire (in Step 5) and loop it around one of the links of the 'V'. Then pull it through tightly and repeat through the second link.


With the wire threaded through both links, pull it tightly and bend the projecting wires upwards (from the 'V'). Thread each projecting with an 'eye' bead.


Push the projecting wires (of the 'eye and beak' unit) into one of the pom-poms and secure the ends within.


To make the 'legs': place your flat nosed pliers at the centre of a short length of 0.8mm wire and bend the ends down on either side. Place the unit on a steel block and hammer the ends

until they spread and flatten out. Cut about 4"-10cm of 0.4mm wire and wrap one end around the centre of 'leg' unit, leaving at least 3"-7.5cm protruding straight, in the opposite direction.


Push the protruding straight wire through the 'body' pom-pom, followed by the 'head' pom-pom, and finally a bead (of a similar colour to your wire).


Using your round nosed pliers, create a wrapped link at the top end of the bead with the projecting wire.


To make the WINGS: you can use 2 rice shaped beads on 0.4mm wire, threaded vertically through the body pom-pom. (Alternatively, you can create beaded loops with small

seed beads on each side).


Secure and the second bead 'wing' on the opposite side and adjust the shape and positioning.


Here's the Chick as an Easter Pendant!

Or, you could create a pair of Easter Chick earrings!

Or, suspend them from ribbons as decorations!

You can also create the wire pom-poms of the 'head' and 'body' by rolling fine, coloured wire into balls within your hands! As always, there are no rules when it comes to creative wirework! Just use this idea as inspiration and a stepping-stone to create your own versions ...

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